Body Works Distribution

Canada's Premier Fitness + Wellness distribution company.  Business to business, and direct to consumer.  Exclusive Canadian distributor for SprayGon Extraction Systems. 

Shop Body Works retail line includes mindful skincare + meaningful apparel. 

Body Works started off as an award-winning Fitness and Wellness studio in Barrie Ontario. Over the years our clients have grown to trust us with their fitness, wellness, and beauty needs by bringing them the best healthy, natural, alternatives. 

Our reputation quickly grew through collaborations with other Professionals in the same industries, who now trust us to bring them the best in equipment, products, and services!  

Here you will find safe + clean equipment to bring into your professional business, as well as mindful skin care + meaningful apparel, not just for other professionals, but for EVERY BODY! 

Welcome to your new favorite place for self care + retail therapy! 

Long lasting, clean beauty & wellness.

At BODY WORKS we are all about simplicity in beauty, wellness and business. It comes down to stripping back overwhelming routines, products and skincare routines. We want you to find things for your personal routines and your customers that provide the best experience, highest quality products and a healthy experience.

We believe in clean ingredients, always.