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Self-Tan Back Applicator

Self-Tan Back Applicator

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Tanning your back and other hard-to-reach locations is now a thing of the past with this genius device!

Are you a strong, independent bronzer who doesn't need ANYONE to put tan on your back? We’ve got you!

Our Self-Tan Back Applicator takes the stress off bronzing those hard-to-reach places, so you can get a glow all over! It’s made of top quality material so it’s built to last - just rinse in cold water and allow it to dry after application and it’s good as new for your next bronzing sesh. 

Dispense tanning product in the centre of the velour side of the back applicator. Place the applicator around your back and hold onto the handles in each hand. Move the applicator from side to side in sweeping motions to evenly distribute colour. Rinse in cold water and allow to dry after application.
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How do I wash my Back Applicator?

The same way you would wash your Tanning Mitt! Simply rinse the applicator under lukewarm water until the water runs clear and then hang up to dry. We like to wash ours in the shower with us when rinsing our tan off!
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